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Educational Consultant

Working 17 years as an educator has allowed me to hone my skills in order to help students succeed.  As an educational consultant, I will provide my clients with tools to help their students with executive functioning skills, stress and anxiety, and excess energy.  In addition, I will use my unique perspective as a parent of a child with special needs to share tools to effectively communicate with parents; especially those with children with special needs.


Neuro-Transformational Life Coach

As a certified neuro-transformational coach, my goal is to help you transform your thinking and, in turn, your life by the shining a light on the programs, beliefs, and values you have that are no longer serving you.


Consultation is free.  Contact me today to begin your transformation!

Intuitive Psychic &

Being the conduit between Spirit and my clients is fulfilling in so many ways. It allows me to connect them to loved ones that have passed, receive guidance from Spirit Guides, and bring them a sense of peace and comfort. Email me at for group reading scheduling/pricing.

Ways to Work With Me

Below is a description of the ways we can work together.

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