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flowing water

About Me

Welcome to Rise Up To Transform Consulting And Coaching, Inc!!  This website is one-stop shopping for all the services I provide and projects I am involved in. After stepping away from a 17-year career as a middle school teacher, I've found passion as a neuro-transformational life coach and intuitive psychic & medium.  These two paths are intertwined as they both give my clients a sense of peace.  My purpose in life is to help my clients transform their lives through identifying and clearing beliefs or patterns that are no longer serving them or by connecting them with their loved ones that have passed, and/or their spirit guides, in order to give them messages that will help them navigate their lives and feel a sense of peace and connection.  I also LOVE connecting with people that are reading my blog about my daughter, Hannah, or those that are guests on my podcast willing to share the joys, struggles, and perseverance they've had in their lives in order to help my listeners feel a connection.

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